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Sacred Body, Sacred Spirit” um livro de Ramesh Bjonnes que, de um modo simples e directo, clarifica o que é isto do Tantra Yoga. Aconselhamos vivamente a sua leitura e deixamos alguns parágrafos para aguçar o “apetite”!

Tantra is the process of transforming one´s latent divinity, into Supreme Divinity. A person who, irrespective of caste, creed or religion aspires for [such] spiritual expansion…is a Tantric.                                                                                                              – Anandamurti

So, what is Tantric yoga, Tantric meditation? To shift our attention toward Shiva, toward Purusha, toward Consciousness, by embracing the energy of Prakriti, the energy of transformation and change. Shiva in us never changes, but the Shakti in us always undergoes transformation. And it is our choice to use our Shakti energy wisely or to use it destructively. In other words, we pratice yoga, we meditate in order to bypass distraction and destruction and to experience wholeness and unity – the subtle, changeless aspects of our soul, of our spirit.


We do the pratice, the asana, the deeps breathing, the counting of beads, the mantra repetition, to calm down the choppy winds of the mind, so that we may move in into silence, flow towards the breath within the breath, towrad the changeless nature of the Spirit, toward Shiva, that unfathomable void that never undergoes any change.”

A must read!!!


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